Here is a list we've compiled of obvious scammers or fake product listing to help the DIY community avoid these sellers.

Note: Be aware that these sellers tend to create new accounts after too many complaints occur so you may need to rely on detecting the same products or dodgy manufacturing we've uncovered with new suspicuious sellers.


WARN: Any 18650 cells over 3500mAH is highly questionable, check reviews for complaints on lack of capacity

Seller Online Store Item(s) Reasons on the list.
 Limado  No such capacity as 9900mAh
 HeCloud  No such capacity as 6000mAh
 Perman  No such capacity as 5800mAh
neverabandon  No such capacity as 9800mAh
Besde_Electronics Gadgets  No such capacity as 5000mAH
 ledmatchless  No such capacity as 6000mAh

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